4 Innovative Ways Athletes Are Improving Performance

If there was any doubt that technology touches every facet of life these days you need only look at sports. Wearable technology and smart watches have changed the way athletes

LOVE YOURSELF – 3 Nutrients That Are Key for a Healthier Body

Nutrients are vital for our survival, but they aren’t stand alone components. They’re more like building blocks. Our bodies need a combination of micronutrients in adequate amounts working together synergistically

Making Resolutions: Is It Really Good for Your Health?

Eating better, exercising more and living a healthier lifestyle are all common resolutions. People have the best intentions, but their follow-through isn’t always on par. That’s one of the primary

5 Ways to Fight Flu Symptoms

Uh-oh. You’re one of the millions of Americans that have gotten the flu this season, and now you feel the symptoms coming on. Fatigue has you dragging, your temperature is rising

IVitamin’s IBUY Drip Bundles

  Summer bodies are made in the Winter. Let IVitamin help you hydrate, feel great and lose weight with our IBUY Drip Bundles. IBUY Drip Bundles Get 2 free Boosters with purchase

New Year, New You Renewal Packages!

The New Year is here and it’s time to get back on track with diet and fitness. Our New Year Renewal packages can get you started! The New Year, New



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