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Happy New Year everyone! We hope y’all had an amazing holiday and are being kind to yourselves as you ease back into the swing of things, we know how hard it is to shift into high gear after weeks of presents, family, and fun. As we all sit around considering our New Years resolutions and trying to give away all of the baked goods we’ve accumulated, we at IVitamin have decided to kick off the decade with a challenge that takes minimal effort with maximum rewards….a vitamin challenge!


I know, so on brand for us.


For the month of January, we want to see you taking your vitamins every day. Seriously, every day. So tag us in your photos/videos/collages/tiktoks/boomerangs/etc. and challenge your friends to show us their vitamin routine too! The more the merrier. Actually, the more the healthier. Also bonus entries will be awarded for creativity; we know we have some super creative clients and we cannot wait to see what y’all come up with!!


And because we want to reward one of you lucky ducks for all of your hard vitamin-taking-work, we are giving away an ENTIRE YEAR OF IVITAMIN MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE. That means one drip per month, one booster per month, guest passes for your friends and family, and VIP pricing on all additional drips and boosters.


Yeah. I wish I could win because helllllloooooooo hydration/recovery/rehydrate/B12!


Are you already brainstorming your first post?? If so, here are the details:


  1. Pop onto Instagram and create a post or story with your vitamin routine!
  2. Tag us in your post/story using @ivitaminatx (and if you’re not following us, get on that! Our IGTV is worth the follow alone.)
  3. Use the hashtag to collect your entries! Remember, extra entries for creativity. #vitaminchallenge2020
  4. Tag 2 of your friends to keep the momentum going
  5. Sit back, let your vitamins do their job, and celebrate keeping a New Years resolution!


Curious about that membership (even if you don’t win)?

Check it out in all of it’s glory here: https://ivitamintherapy.com/memberships/


The Story on Vitamins


Ok. So if you read all of this and thought, “what’s the big deal about taking vitamins?” this is where you hear the screeching car brakes sound as we bust a u-turn to come back and help you out. The thing is, your body doesn’t naturally produce the vitamins it needs to function properly. Ever heard about the rampant cases of scurvy on boats in the 1800s because the sailors weren’t getting enough vitamin C? No? Am I the only one who stays up late to watch weird documentaries?


Sorry, I digress.


Vitamins are essential because they perform hundreds of roles in the body and while the best way to get them is through a healthy diet, there are other factors that play into how many different ones we may need and the levels that we may need them. A Harvard Health article says it best, “Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients because acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy and repair cell damage.”


So a deficiency of just one can be hugely detrimental to your health, something that we want to help you avoid at all costs, especially considering how simple it is to take a pill (or a gummy) every morning.


Who needs vitamins?


Nearly half of all American adults take a multivitamin or supplement daily. The industry rakes in a little over 12 billion dollars a year, a number that some experts claim could be lowered with more healthy diets overall, but for women, vitamins are especially important for avoiding deficiencies caused by some birth control methods and in order to avoid birth defects in babies. Research shows that oral contraceptives “deplete important nutrients including folate, vitamin B2, B6, B12, C, E, magnesium, selenium, and zinc” meaning that women taking a birth control pill will need to supplement those vitamins to keep their bodies operating at a healthy level.


In addition, anyone suffering from a vitamin deficiency can combat that deficiency with a supplement. People vary in what they receive from their diets and what is depleted due to numerous factors, so the first step in figuring out your vitamin levels is a visit to your friendly neighborhood healthcare professional. This can be your general practitioner or even your dietitian. Looking for a more direct route? Some healthcare clinics (including us!) offer vitamin and nutrient tests to quickly assess your levels and help you figure out what you need to be consuming to meet your daily required intakes.


How do I know what I need?


One of the best decisions I ever made was to meet with a dietitian and go over my diet. Not only did she give me advice on which vitamins to take, she also dispelled some myths about the kind of foods I was eating and how much they were actually benefiting my body. Her expertise helped me assess the vitamins I was routinely missing out on while also giving me ideas to include them in my diet. Those that couldn’t be made up in dietary ways are supplemented with, you guessed it, a daily vitamin. The American Heart Association states that “supplements will generally provide 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance for all vitamins and minerals. Therefore, many nutritionists will agree that a supplement is OK if the nutrient needs are not being met by a healthy food-based diet.”


Look, we can eat as healthy as possible and still be missing some of those key components and that’s ok. The idea is to do your best getting your recommended doses from your food and then supplement with vitamins. The important thing is to check out the Dietary Recommended Intakes (DRIs) published by the Institute of Medicine for the best estimates of safe amounts to take. Almost any nutrient can be potentially toxic if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. Also, be mindful of interactions between dietary supplements and prescription drugs. All great reasons to schedule a chat with a professional before jumping into the vitamin pool.


Pro-Tip for getting expert advice


Most health insurance policies cover a “wellness exam” once a year that you can use as a chance to get some expert nutritional advice. In some cases, getting one of those exams can result in a rebate on your health insurance cost for the year, so definitely look into it. That would be a great way to kick off your healthy new year!


We can’t wait to see all of y’alls posts for our #vitaminchallenge2020 and as always, stay tuned for more health and wellness blogs from IVitamin!


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