IVitamin is an IV vitamin therapy lounge that features unique IV drips, administered by our certified staff to replenish your body of depleted nutrients. Our treatments offer relief for:

  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Hangovers
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Wellness



By using IV therapy, large doses of vitamins and minerals are safely delivered into the bloodstream where you get 100% absorption. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for our cells to function.

How to get started:


Briefly meet with our medical staff to determine the best infusion based on your needs.


Relax and rehydrate as you sit back and relax in our massage chairs in our posh, spa-like enviornment.


Join our IVIP Membership and allow yourself to comfortably escape the daily stresses of life while you replenish your body as often as you'd like.

As a member you will receive:

  • One included drip per month
  • One included booster per month
  • Significant savings on additional drips and boosters
  • 6 IVIP guest passes for the first year
  • Receive a 15% discount when you pay in full
  • Best prices on drips and boosters
  • Preferred Scheduling
  • Special member discount on supplements

We offer 5 tier levels for membership. Which IV cocktail fits your lifestyle?



Our IV cocktails are excellent for those who want to supplement their wellness regimens and work best when done routinely.


Azure G. Austin, TX

The staff was great! Everyone was very helpful. Even though I was brand new at IV infusions I felt very comfortable and at ease with the process. I enjoyed the way the nurses explained all of the benefits and talked me through how I would feel in the coming days. Of course, my favorite part was the amazing massage chair and the little nap I got in the middle of the day. I'm excited to enjoy many more months of this treatment and my new membership!

Lorë A. San Mateo, CA

From the entrance to the main room used for IV hydration, the area is calm, clean and tasteful. The receptionist is very helpful and sweet. Complimentary coffee, water and snacks are offered. The nurses are gentle and professional. The massage chairs, pillows and blankets are pleasant, relaxing and the overall setting is peaceful. I bring my friends here who are visiting from out of town, and they all love it! Thank you IVitamin

Sasha V. Georgetown, TX

Such a wonderful experience! I walked in a very very sick person with my newborn. They were so welcoming and took me back to a private and cozy room. I was greeted by a nurse practitioner who talked to me about my illness and then went and made a custom bag for me..Which was safe for breastfeeding as well. The RN came in next who got me set up and going. They were so both so kind and caring. After I was done I felt so much better. Bonus on top of it all...My skin looks so glowy! I will definitely be back.

Bill A. Lubbock, TX

Really enjoyed all the options and the experience. Feeling great! Ended up getting a membership and looking forward to making my way back. Has it been a month yet?

Alex B. Denver, CO

My experience with IVitamin was nothing short of amazing. The staff rolled out the red carpet and made our visit amazing. If your looking at taking your training as an athlete to the next level or just want boost t your immune system this is the spot for you!

Lexi M. Austin, TX

Ivitamin it's a wonderful service. The IV drip choices are great and the massage chairs help move the lymph while receiving the fluids. I have yet tried the oxygen. The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. My only complaint is the hours are like a bank and it seems that an evening or two of being open would be conducive for those that work during the day. I have a monthly membership so it works out to be less than paying as you go for each drip and you can change it up each time if you like.

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Patti Kelly Niewolny IVIP Member

This place is amazing. It's like a spa, but better because you are truly treating yourself from the inside out. I went in and had the mic, and about 30 minutes after I left I felt a mental sharpness, sense of wellbeing and energy that I hadn't felt in awhile. The staff is super friendly and takes good care of customers. I'll definitely be back!

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A. J. Yager IVIP Member

Honestly, I was blown away from the first moment I walked in. The place has awesome service, the staff was really nice and explained everything simply enough to understand. The massage chairs are the most comfortable I have ever sat in, mixed with the IV I felt super relaxed and the headache I had when I walked in was gone by the time I left. Signed up to do this monthly. Highly recommend checking it out!



IV-certified registered staff can come to your hotel, home or office. Group discounts available.


In addition to our IV drips, we offer a variety of boosters that aid in energy boosts, detox, and weight loss.


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Austin, TX

We are located on Congress Avenue in Austin, TX, right in the heart of the South Congress district, the heart and soul of Austin.

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