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“What’s Going On With My Nutrition?”

All The Best Nutrients

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Inside Your Micronutrient Test

Comprehensive Test

The Nutritional Tests 50+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants and scores them for you.

See Nutrient Insufficiencies

Whether certain nutrients are lacking in your diet or your body has a hard time absorbing them, you’ll see what’s low in your results.

Nutrient Sufficiency

You’ll also see what nutrients your body has enough of, and which ones are bordering insufficient to address proactively.

Work with a Nurse Practitioner

You’ll receive consultations with a nurse practitioner to make a plan for improving your health based on the results.

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Join thousands of customers who rely on IVitamin cocktails to feel their best.

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ABOUT micronutrient testing

Learn How to Give Your Body What It Needs

There are so many reasons our nutrient balance can change, especially as we age. Even with a healthy diet, you could still have deficiencies slowing you down.

Your Deficiencies May Surprise You

“I had been feeling bloated, sluggish, and slow mentally. It was as if my gut and brain weren’t feeling their best.


Fortunately, this brilliant Micronutrient Test gave me the answers and solutions I needed to feel better! The test revealed that I was low in Lipoic Acid, Histidine, Choline, and Inositol.


The best thing about the Micronutrient Test is the list of supplements that come recommended to “fix” the issues you’re having. As of today, I feel better, have more energy, think more clearly.”


– IVitamin Micronutrient Testing Patient, Veronica B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Micronutrient Test cover?

50+ Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and other nutrients. See an example test result here.

What if I’m deficient in too many things? Ot none?

During the consultation to go over your test, the Nurse Practitioner will walk you through a plan to help you feel your best.

Should I do Micronutrient Testing?

You can schedule a consultation with us to talk with a Nurse Practitioner and determine how micronutrient testing could help you

Find Out Which Nutrients Your Body Craves

Lavish your wellness with all the support to feel your best. Book a Micronutrient Testing appointment and enjoy the thriving health you deserve.