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Introducing IRECOVER PLUS Hangover Supplement!

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Are you tired of letting hangovers dictate your day? Say goodbye to those groggy mornings with “IRecover Plus+”, the latest breakthrough in hangover relief from IVitamin, Austin’s hangover experts.

IRecover Plus+ by IVitamin

The team at IVitamin has created a single Hangover Support supplement that includes a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, extracts, and amino acids to protect your liver, eliminate toxins and allow you to wake up feeling great the next day. Simply take IRecover Plus+ before your first drink and wake up feeling energized, instead of nauseous, anxious or fatigued. Or after a night of drinking to aid in recovery. Clients have said it helps with increased energy, mental clarity, motivation to tackle the day and bouncing back quickly after a night of indulging.

Powerful Blend of Ingredients

Our unique formula is meticulously crafted with a combination of essential nutrients to revitalize your body:

  • B Vitamins: Replenish energy and boost your metabolism.
    NAC & Niacin: Aid in detoxifying and restoring liver function.
    Ginger: Eases nausea and improves digestion.
    L-Theanine: Reduces stress and enhances mental clarity.
    Milk Thistle: Protects and promotes liver health.
    Caffeine: Provides that much-needed energy boost.
    And more: Our proprietary blend is designed to tackle every aspect of a hangover.

Why IRecover Plus+?

Fast-Acting: Feel better faster and reclaim your day.
Science-Backed: Formulated based on scientific research for maximum efficacy.
Natural Ingredients: Prioritize your health with safe and natural components.
Convenient: Easy to take, perfect for your busy lifestyle and works fast.

At IVitamin, we understand hangovers. Drawing from years of expertise in hangover management, we’ve created IRecover Plus+ to offer you a reliable, effective solution.

Try IVitamin’s IRecover IV in Lounge or Mobile IV @ Home, Hotel or Office!

A major contributing factor to the aches and nausea associated with a hangover is dehydration and certain vitamin deficiencies. High-sugar sports drinks, coffee, and “hair-of-the-dog” may provide some relief, but do very little to treat the underlying issues. This combination of instant IV hydration, medications for pain and nausea, and vitamin additives will help you feel better fast allowing you to reclaim your day.

SINGLE: $185

Save money! Get it for $110.

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