Add on Brain Tap Meditation to your IV Drip in the Lounge


Add on Brain Tap Meditation to your IV Drip in the Lounge

Upgrade your IV Drip experience BrainTap Meditation ($25/$20Members)


“The BrainTap headset channels precise frequencies of light and sound into the brain. The optic nerve picks up the light pulses, even with your eyes closed, while the pulsating audio frequencies synchronize the hemispheres of the brain.”

Think, Sleep, and Perform, Better.

Unlike programs that merely calm or soothe, BrainTap Meditation helps restore your brain’s natural balance so you can achieve ultimate relaxation and restoration. BrainTap combines sound and light patterns that send direct signals to your brain guiding you into an intuitive, creative, and deeply relaxed state. Backed by research, it’s proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other challenges.

The Benefits of Brain Tap

• Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
• Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
• Enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
• Reduce your stress, worry, frustration and irritability while achieving emotional stability, mental harmony and balance
• Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals
• Overcome bad habits, fears, and phobias
• Significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses
• Explore and expand your self awareness and higher states of consciousness
• Attract and learn how to manifest your desires
• Enhance concentration, memory and recall

“Brain Tap Meditation During My Monthly IV Is Life Changing

I made mindfulness and intention my goals for 2024 and wanted to start meditating but didn’t know how or where to begin. I searched mediation apps and found BrainTap to be top-rated. The headset is expensive though. So, I was psyched when IVitamin let their membership try Brain Tap in January for free as they are getting ready to offer it as an add-on service. Meditating during my IV just makes the experience even more energizing. Would recommend it to anyone 100%!

– IVitamin Tier 2 Member, Cheryl T.

The science behind the five key elements of Brain Tap are:

When two slightly different tones are played in each hear, the brain perceives a third, unique tone. Binaural beats work by creating this phantom frequency, which the brain then mimics. For example, if we play a 220 Hz carrier tone into the left ear and a 228 Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain perceives the difference between the two, which is a subtle beat frequency of 8 Hz. Your brain then gets en-trained to this frequency which is associated with meditative states, and you experience deep relaxation.
It has been shown that people who regularly use BrainTap can achieve extraordinary levels of relaxation, focus and brain performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.
BrainTap also provides guided visualizations and visual imagery which has been studied for decades and proven to affect mental states, improve physical and athletic performance and even heal the body. When combined with the other elements of BrainTap, these effects are increased and optimized.

BrainTap also includes 10-cycle holographic music, which is a sonic technology that produces a 360-degree sound environment.

This technology provides an environment in which the visualization becomes more vivid, amplifying the trans-formative effect and creating a more receptive learning state.

Isochronic tones are sound pulses of equal intensity, but separated by a period of silence. They turn on and off rapidly, creating a frequency that the brain will follow. Isochronic tones are particularly easy for the brain to follow. While binaural beats require you to have balanced hearing in both ears, isochronic tones work effectively in everyone except those  with complete hearing loss. This is just one more reason BrainTap is such a superior product.

In addition to the sonic effects of brain tapping, the BrainTap headset also delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the retina and ear meridians, sending signals directly to the brain and guiding you into the desired, relaxed brain states.

The pulsed frequency light, in the appropriate pattern and intensity, has been shown to produce levels of deep relaxation. In one study, feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins, increased an average of 21 percent. These increases can not only calm and relax you, but also help you feel better in general, and help you maintain a positive outlook and be productive.

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