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Here’s a little of the fine print for IVitamin Appointments delivered in our IV Lounge Clinics or via our IV Mobile Services Team so we are all on the same page!

We love you!  

Wellness & Joy! — The IVitamin Team


Appointment Cancellation / No Show Policy

At IVitamin our goal is to provide exceptional service, wellness, and safety for both our patients and our healthcare providers.

We understand that unplanned issues may arise, and you may need to cancel an appointment. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours advance notice as failing to reschedule can deny other clients the ability to book our IV services.

  • Cancellations received on the day of your scheduled appointment will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee.

If you are not at your provided location at your scheduled time of service, we will wait 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time before declaring a no-show.

  • Failure to arrive at your scheduled appointment will be subject to a $30 no show fee.

Refund Policy

There are NO REFUNDS for services AFTER they are provided. If you are scheduled for an IVitamin Service is unable to be completed, your invoice will not be charged. Once a service has been completed no refunds will be issued. In the event that you are unable to utilize services purchased as part of a package or membership, your remaining balance can be redeemed as IVitamin store credit to use towards other services or retail products.


Return Policy

We work to ensure our customers are satisfied with their supplement or skincare purchases. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we’ll be happy to return or exchange the product within 30 days of purchase for store credit.

If your healthcare provider advises you discontinue taking the supplement, you can return or exchange the product within 30 days of purchase for store credit. 


Membership Credits

IVIP Monthly Memberships include ONE IV drip within the chosen tier and ONE complimentary booster. Membership credits can be used towards any drip within the chosen tier. If an IVIP member would like to get a drip that is within a higher tier than their monthly membership, members can pay the membership rate for the service they would like to receive that day (saving any accrued credits for a different visit). Members CAN NOT apply a membership credit TOWARDS an IV drip that is in a higher tier and pay the difference. 


Membership Cancellation Policy

IVIP Monthly Memberships are a minimum 3-month membership agreement. It will continue on a month-to-month basis after that. Membership can be frozen for up to three months at a time. To cancel this agreement after 3 months, a written notice is required and can be sent to accounts@ivitaminatx.com. All membership benefits cease at time of cancellation. Any unused drip credits will expire after 6 months from the cancellation date.  

Freezing Membership Options  Click Here 



Mobile Fees

IVitamin Anywhere can help you receive convenient access to our IV services from the comfort of your home, office or hotel. Our mobile services incur an additional charge of $25 per person (plus the cost of the IV service). 

  • Our IVIP Members can enjoy a mobile service using their monthly membership drip credit, plus an additional $25 fee on Mondays-Thursdays.
  • IVIP Members can receive a mobile service on Fridays-Sundays at membership pricing for their service, plus an additional $25 mobile fee.

Range Fee

IVitamin charges a $25 mobile fee per person within a 15-mile radius from any of our clinics. If your desired location is outside of our radius, we can still come to you for an additional $25 per 15 miles. 

Late Arrival / No Show Policy

If our IV Specialist has arrived at the client’s requested location and the client is not present at the location, the nurse will try to contact the client. If the nurse manages to contact the client within a period of 15 minutes, the client will receive an additional grace period of 15 minutes to show up and will be subject to a $50 “Late Arrival” fee.

If the nurse fails to contact the client or if the client fails to arrive within a period of 15 minutes, the nurse will leave the facility and the client will be charged the full price of the booked service(s).


After Hours Fees

IVitamin Anywhere Mobile services can be booked between the hours of 8am and 6pm, schedule permitting. If you are requesting a service outside of these hours, we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Any appointment that occurs before 8am or after 6pm is subject to a $50 “After Hours” fee.

Shipping Cost & Policy 

At this time all Services purchased online are purchased for in-person Lounge or Mobile IV appointments via our online scheduler. Supplements, like IRecover Plus, can be purchased online and picked up at one of the IVitamin IV Lounges. If you’d like IRecover Plus sent to you in the United States, please call us at 512-275-6448.