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These before and after images demonstrate how Emsculpt Neo transforms the appearance of the abdomen, buttocks, and inner thigh. As with all body-shaping treatments, results may vary.*

Abdomen Results: And, she still has more results to see — you see results up until 12 weeks post-treatment!

EmSclupt NEO Before and After Abdomen Photo:<

EmSclupt NEO Before and After Abdomen Photo:

    1. Look at how simply treating abs has significantly reduced bra line/’back fat’ area
    2. As well as, how treating ONLY abdomen area reduced “muffin top” or lower back fat as well
    3. In 10 weeks almost 4 inches lost around ab area
    4. Patient had significant back pain reduction post treatments as well

Buttocks Results: She has a booty now and it looks awesome!

mSclupt NEO Before and After Buttock Photo

EmSclupt NEO Before and After Buttock Photo:

    1. After treating buttocks – see how only 4 treatments has filled out the buttocks where there was atrophy before – clearly more muscle has been added
    2. Butt post treatment is clearly more lifted – see via after photo how she has more of a crease
    3. Shape of butt post treatment is rounder/fuller
    4. Lower back was also stronger post treatment per the patient