In the United States, we enjoy a freedom that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. We have the freedom to express our opinions and beliefs. We have the freedom to receive an education and pursue our dreams. This freedom has given us the ability to open IVitamin and help people improve their quality of life.

But that freedom isn’t free. Millions of men and women have selflessly dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom. They work around the clock in the most dangerous situations imaginable so that we can live in comfort and peace.

Some of those men and women end up paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live free.

Military service members have fought for and defended the U.S. even before we were a country. Since the American Revolutionary War, millions have served and nearly 1 million have died during battle or in warfare. It’s not something that we like to think about. But it’s important for Americans to recognize those that have given their lives so we can go on living ours.

Memorial Day as we know it was founded in 1971, however, the tradition of commemorating fallen military members began long before the official holiday was established. Shortly after the Civil War ended, dozens of events were held around the country to honor those who were lost.

Then in 1868, General John A. Logan, a Civil War veteran, and Congressman called for May 30th to be Decoration Day. People were encouraged to visit and decorate the graves of those who had died during the Civil War. Eventually, Decoration Day was expanded to include honoring Americans killed in all wars.

No matter what position you take on war, we can all agree the men and women who protect us deserve to be honored on Memorial Day and every other day of the year.


Honoring Veterans With a Special Memorial Day Discount

In honor of Memorial Day, we’ll be closed on the holiday, but we want to make sure veterans get the special treatment they deserve. Veterans can come in on Tuesday, May 29th to receive a 20% discount on an IV drip.

Veterans can choose any of our nine IV drips, from the IREHYDRATE drip that restores hydration and nutrients to the IWANTITALL drip. The IWANTITALL drip provides maximum nutrient replenishment and the strongest energy boost for complete recovery. It’s exactly what our veterans deserve after giving their all to protect the country.

Learn more about our IV drip selection and the benefits of IV vitamin therapy.



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