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Seeking a weight loss transformation?

Don’t miss out on our exclusive Black Friday offer!

Call this week to book a consultation with our Nurse Practitioner between now and the end of the year.  We’ll work with you to determine if you are a candidate for the medication Semaglutide to assist in your weight loss goals.

By booking the Black Friday Consult, you are eligible to purchase your first month of Semaglutide for $399. *Offer only available until Dec. 31, 2023.

Special Offer Details:

For this week only, call or book your consult online to seize the opportunity to embark on a one-month journey with Semaglutide Weight Loss shots at the unbeatable price of $399 (originally $549!)

Quote the code blackfriday399 to our fabulous staff to ensure you unlock these incredible savings!

ATTENTION: Current Semaglutide patients, you’re invited to save too! This deal is yours for the taking! Call 512-275-6448 to purchase.

*Limit 2


Black Friday Special on our BEST IV DRIP!

Get one IWantItAll IV (or a few, we won’t judge!) for just $150!

*Must be redeemed in clinic. Expires one year from purchase.

NAD+ IV 4-Pack $1199 (Save $400!)

Package of four NAD+ IV Drips (500mg dose) for $1,199! (Usually $1,599).

NAD+ is a form of vitamin B3 which helps protect tissues, induce DNA repair, and aids ATP energy production. For optimal results, complete a series of 4.

*Package expires one year after purchase.

NAD+ 4Pack – 100mg Boosters $175 (Save 200!)

4 Pack of NAD+ IM shots (100mg dose) for $175 for Black Friday (usually $375!)

*Package expires one year after purchase.

Micronutrient Testing $350 (Save $49!)

Discount Micronutrient Testing $350 (Save $49)

Find out which nutrients and minerals you may be deficient in with  guidance from one of IVitamin’s Nurse Practitioners.

Vitamin D3 Booster Shot 4Pack $75 (Save $50!)

Boost Your Immunity and Wellness with Vitamin D3 injections!

For Black Friday, get our Vitamin D3 4-Pack for just $75 (originally $125). Ideal for antiviral immune support and overall wellness. We recommend one injection per week for four weeks to see best results. The package expires one year after purchase. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to elevate your health and save big. Shop now and embrace a healthier you!

MIC Shot 4Pack  $80

Package of four MIC Booster IM Shots for $80! (Usually $100)

MIC helps metabolize fat, remove toxins from the liver, and increases energy! Recommended weekly injections. Single Mic Shots sell for $35 each. *Package expires one year after purchase.

Glutathione Booster Shot 4Pack – $60 (Save $40!)

Package of four Glutathione Booster IM Shots for $60! (Save $40)).

Glutathione is the most powerful internal antioxidant that detoxifies the liver and helps slow the aging process. Recommended weekly injections. Single Glutathione Shots sell for $25 each. *Package expires one year after purchase.


Holibabe Special – Emface and Emsculpt NEO Deal

Limited Time Only: Unleash Your Inner HoliBABE with our exclusive package designed to transform you into the best version of yourself.

  • 4 Full Face Emface treatments: Non-Invasive Facial Sculpting sessions for increased natural volume and fewer wrinkles in just 20-minute sessions.
  • 4 Emsculpt NEO Treatments: Build muscle and burn fat without surgery or downtime to sculpt your dream body.
  • Embody IV/IM Package: Optimized to enhance your body contouring results.

All of this for just $5,000 – purchase the 4 Facial Sculpting sessions at full price and receive the rest FREE! $3,900 in savings!!

Act fast! Available for purchase from 11/17 to 11/27. Your package remains valid for 365 days after purchase.

Join us for the ultimate holiday transformation and unlock your inner HoliBABE. Embrace the glow, sculpt your dream body, and boost your vitality in one sensational package!

Give the Gift of Lift: EMFACE 4-PACK $3200

Unlock a more youthful, firmer look this Black Friday with our exclusive 4-pack of Emface treatments, available for just $3,200. That’s an incredible $1,800 in savings!

Emface: Your Non-Invasive Fountain of Youth

Experience the magic of Emface, a cutting-edge non-invasive facial sculpting device that will increase your natural volume and reduce wrinkles. In just four convenient 20-minute sessions, you’ll witness a transformation that leaves you looking and feeling rejuvenated.Act quickly to secure this amazing offer. This Emface package is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. It’s time to embrace your best self and reveal a more youthful and radiant version of you.

Package Details:

  • 4 Emface treatments to bring back your natural glow.
  • Only $3,200 for the entire package – a savings of $1,800!
  • Package valid for one year from the purchase date, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your treatments.
*Expires in 365 Days from purchase

Trim Your Tree & Waistline!

EMSCULPT NEO 4Pack Just $2100

Black Friday Emsculpt NEO 4 Pack

Get ready to Supercharge Your Holidays with Our Black Friday Special! We’ve got the perfect gift for you: our exclusive Emsculpt NEO 4-pack deal!

Package Details:

  • Any Emsculpt NEO 4-pack (choose any body area you like) – Achieve your body goals with targeted muscle building and fat reduction.
  • An Embody IV/IM Pack to supercharge your results – Get ready for a transformative journey!

All of this for just $2,100 – that’s an incredible savings of $3,400!

Emsculpt NEO: The Ultimate Body Transformation

Emsculpt NEO is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. It’s been proven to build muscle (up to 25%) and burn fat (up to a 30% decrease) without the need for surgery or downtime. In just four quick 30-minute sessions, you’ll be well on your way to a toned, sculpted, and confident you.

Keep the Holiday Pounds at Bay

Don’t let the holiday indulgences weigh you down! This Black Friday special won’t last long, so act fast! Say goodbye to stubborn fat, and hello to a firmer, more toned physique.Package is valid for one year after date of purchase. Expires in 365 Days 

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