The beauty of science (especially where it relates to plastic surgery and dermatology) is that we are never at a loss for some new, shiny treatment bursting on to the scene with claims of long-lasting and easily-achievable relief from whatever ails us (and yes, our stubborn tummy fat counts). Most of us wait for our more adventurous friend to try it first, secretly crossing our fingers that at long last we may have a miracle cure for that last few pounds we haven’t been able to shake off on the Pilates reformer. Don’t feel bad if you identify with that, humans are always looking for the magic pill or the magic workout.
The “fix it” button if you will.
It’s like when someone asks you what your secret to looking great is, it’s not because they want to hear all about the carbs you eschew or the dairy you haven’t touched since a Bush was in office, they want that magic button. They are desperately hoping that you are going to say that you went to a clinic, laid on a bed, and scrolled through Instagram for 30 minutes while a machine simply worked that last bit of stubborn fat away.
If you are getting discouraged, don’t. As it turns out, THAT IS AN ACTUAL THING.
Enter EMSculpt, a non-invasive body contouring treatment that hit the market with a resounding BANG just a few years ago. A simple google search will tell you all the high points:
• No downtime/recovery period
• Minimal discomfort
• Just a 30-minute appointment (per area of the body) two times a week for two weeks
• Only FDA approved body contouring device that does both- builds muscle AND destroys fat
• ACTUAL RESULTS (like real ones you can see and be proud of and tell your Uber driver about)
So, now that I have your attention, let’s get into the details.

How does EMSculpt work?
EMSculpt mimics the muscle contractions that your body naturally performs but at a stronger/higher rate. Using electromagnetic energy (the “EM” in EMSculpt) the machine causes your body to contract 20,000 times in a 30-minute session, working muscles at a rate that would take you hours (and probably even days) to complete. The energy is also able to reach muscles that your normal workout routine may not, which is why there are so many reviews lauding the amazing results.
It is important to note that you may feel sore (hello did you read the whole “20,000 contractions” bit?) even though it won’t be your typical soreness because part of the technology rids the body of lactic acid. As it turns out, recovery is vital following the treatment, so choosing a clinic like IVitamin to receive EMSculpt could benefit you in so many ways. IVitamin actually offers EMSculpt with a hydrating IV treatment during your first session as well as three additional intramuscular shots (IM) for your subsequent visits. Because we understand how important vitamin and nutrient supplementation are in how the body functions (and ultimately recovers), these services unique to IVitamin will give you that extra push towards your goals that you won’t find anywhere else!
For more information about EMSculpt at IVitamin check out our website HERE!

Who should get EMSculpt?
This treatment is ideal for those who are already in good shape and are having trouble with just a few stubborn pounds in places. As one doctor said, “it serves as an ‘icing on the cake’ treatment, not a method of weight loss.” So, if you are still working through your weight-loss journey, this would be the last stop, not the shortcut.
Also, anyone with metal or electronics implanted in their bodies or a history of muscle issues, should not seek out EMSculpt. As with anything, we strongly encourage anyone interested in EMSculpt to consult their doctor first.
Still not sure? Give IVitamin a call at 512-643-7502 and chat with one of our medical professionals about the treatment that is best for you!

When will I see results?
It is recommended that you schedule four sessions within a two-week period with a few days in between for muscle recovery. Following your sessions, you will see more tone, less fat, and a generally leaner treated area. I have read testimonials from women who said they had never been able to secure the coveted six-pack abs until they tried EMSculpt, which is quite possibly the most exciting results I have seen! It is also the only device that is approved for a non invasive butt lift which is also a problem area for many people.
If numbers are more your thing, Dr. Adriana Martino, owner of Skinney MedSpa, told Town & Country magazine that “you can expect a 16 percent muscle hypertrophy and a 19 percent fat reduction in the treatment area after EMSculpt.”
That in itself is pretty fantastic!

How often do I have to get EMSculpt to maintain my results?
This is, as most things concerning the human body, on a case-by-case basis. Following your two-week series, patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are able to keep their newly toned body. Others use it as sporadic maintenance to reduce the diminishing muscles from an irregular workout plan or not-so-strict-diet. Most doctors report that patients are so pleased with the results that they are more motivated to maintain their new form and maintenance visits are far less frequent than expected.

How much does it cost?
This varies from clinic to clinic but make sure you do your research first to ensure that not only is it an actual EMSculpt machine, but that you choose a place that prioritizes highly-certified technicians to administer the treatment. When it comes to your body, you should never risk quality to save a few bucks, especially with the results that people are seeing across the country from this amazing treatment.
At IVitamin, our Aesthetics Medical Director manages our EMSculpt machine and ensures that every client receives the highest quality treatment, including supplemental IV and IMs to ensure that your body is operating at it’s highest level while looking and feeling great!

Want more information?

Give IVitamin a call at 512-643-7502 or check out their website at the link below for more information. Their amazing staff is happy to answer questions and make suggestions on the best course of treatment for you.

You can also visit our website for more information about EMSculpt at IVitamin!

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