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Everyone has someone on their list that is impervious to bakery gift cards and probably won’t be impressed with the “Fitness whole pizza in my mouth” t-shirt. They schedule runs before Thanksgiving dinner and have the most fabulous workout gear you’ve ever seen so shopping for them might be a little difficult.

IVitamin to the rescue! We’ve selected our 15 favorite gifts for the healthiest friends we have in a wide range of prices to satisfy everyone’s budgets. Cause we love you. And our  healthy friends. 

Foot Massager Roller

If you know someone who comes home from a long day and considers chopping their sore feet off at the ankles, this gift is for them. It relieves aches and soreness while targeting trigger points on the bottom of your feet. This double-sided one allows you to work both feet at the same time and this specific one has individual rollers with soft bumps on them that move independently for an even better massage. Prediction: you’re going to open the first one you bought as a gift and use it, then feel guilty and get another one. Skip the guilt, just get two.

$10 with Amazon Prime shipping available

Exercise Dice

This is quite possibly one of my favorite gift ideas on here just for the sheer genius of it and the inevitable groans I can already hear when you roll “crunches” and “30 minutes.”

Just kidding, that length of time isn’t even an option. But the best part is that all of the exercises on the dice don’t require any additional equipment while allowing you to squeeze in a fun and quick workout wherever you are.

$12 with Amazon Prime shipping available

Barre/Pilates socks

I cannot be the only one who gets uncomfortable wandering around a Pilates/Barre studio in my bare feet (it took so much not to say barre feet, someone get me a medal for self-control) but it didn’t even occur to me to look for another option. Enter Great Soles, a company that donates a percentage of their annual profits to Melanoma awareness and breast cancer research. Their super comfortable socks with amazing grip on the bottoms are perfect for your barre or pilates classes and come in a bunch of different styles and colors. My personal favorite are the ballet grip socks in pink because I appreciate anything that encourages my dreams of being a prima ballerina. Even when I’m cursing my pilates instructor from the reformer. 

$12-15 per pair

Smoothie Bombs

These little boosters can be tossed into your favorite mix for a little more vitamin “oomph” or can be the headliner with just a little liquid and some ice. The bombs have tons of nutritional value packed into their tiny little shapes and earn a huge bonus for packaging made from PLANTS. Let’s all agree to support every company eschewing the plastic obsession currently ruining our planet.

$14 for 5 bombs (Choice of raw cacao, peanut butter, super greens, or super berries)

San Francisco Salt Co. Luxury Muscle Soak

One of the best cures for sore muscles and a wonderful treat after an especially tough workout, epsom soaks are a universal method for calming your over-worked body. Treat the hard worker in your life to this eucalyptus and peppermint oil-infused mixture from the San Francisco Bath Salt Company for a more luxurious soak that they obviously deserve.

$14 for 2 lb. or $40 for 10 lb.

Runner’s Fanny Pack

For the runner/hiker in your group, this waist pack holds their cell phone, keys, protein bar, and a 27 oz water bottle to keep them safe and hydrated on their longer treks. This particular one comes in lots of different colors and has reflective designs to keep them visible to motorists. Useful but make it fashion. 

$17-19 based on color choice with Amazon Prime shipping available

Exercise Cards

Take the guesswork out of “what am I going to do at the gym today” and pick up these bodyweight-specific cards (this brand also has yoga cards, dumbbell cards, and stretching too!) for an easy workout that requires little to no planning and makes the task of figuring out your next move all the more fun. I’ve used this set as a white elephant gift and it was super popular!

$20 per deck with Amazon Prime shipping available 

B12 Boost Injection

For the super busy mom, the active dad, or your pal who thinks working 80+ hour weeks is standard, gift them with a little pep in their step courtesy of a B12 shot. I have already written about my love of them and as someone who believes that sometimes gifting an experience is the best idea, this is the one to give. Help them start the new year off with a bang!

$25 per injection

Fitness Journal

Instead of picking up your basic, run-of-the-mill fitness journal, check out etsy.com for lots of fun options with personalization options and snarky quotes to get the recipient psyched for their next cardio/lift/barre session. There’s also some that you can literally build yourself with inserts for meal tracking and planning which is an awesome way to keep track of all the healthy choices they’re making. Or guilt them back to the gym. Both are good.

Range from $25-40 depending on page count and cover material

Soft Neck-Supporting Bathtub Pillow

I like the idea of buying things for people that they wouldn’t normally spend money on (or think to anyway) and this is one of those items. Everyone has a cheap inflatable bath pillow with razor-sharp seams that deflates by the end of the bath and folks, it’s time to upgrade your bathtub experience. If you’re going to indulge in fancy muscle soaks you should be cradling your head with a bath pillow that feels like it might belong on your bed. If you don’t jerk awake in the bathtub because you’re so relaxed are you even bathing right?

$28 with Amazon Prime shipping available

Hydro Flask

It’s Texas and keeping your water cold while you work out outdoors is sometimes such a joke that I used to freeze water bottles, set them on the tennis court while I played, and have drinkable water within minutes. But a better option is to pick up one of these hydro flask water bottles that keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours (this is with the lid on so take some time off for every time you open to drink out of it) and 12 hours for hot drinks. With over 2,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars, I’d say this is a great splurge for your friend who loves to hike, bike, and stretch in the middle of the Texas heat.

$30-35 based on size with Amazon Prime shipping available

Rogue Fitness Slam Ball

This is at the top of my list this year and I am going to lift every present looking for it until the 25th. When you work too late for a kickboxing class or you’re more of a garage gym kinda person, the Rogue slam ball is going to get all of your aggression out with an EPIC core workout as a bonus. No joke, slamming this thing just a few times is going to make you sore tomorrow. Satisfied, but sore. Check out the different weights to be sure you get one that fits your strength level and watch their training videos to ensure you use the proper form. Angry and injured is not the goal here.

Range $35-110 depending on weight

Botanical Soothing CBD Salve

One of the most popular uses of CBD right now is in salves and lotions to calm inflammation and soothe sore bodies, so for the healthy people in your life, this might be just what they need. Handmade in California, this blend is preservative-, paraben-, and synthetic fragrance-free. It can be used for everything from dryness to sore muscles to sunburns so it might just be the cure-all treat their medicine cupboard is missing.

$55 for 50 mg.

Non-Slip Hot Yoga Mat

I’m really hoping that I am not the only one trying not to slide off the mat during Bikram yoga so if you have the same slippery struggle, this is a great gift. This microfiber yoga mat prevents the bunching that usually occurs in hot yoga and the top layer absorbs moisture to ensure you don’t slide around when you’re supposed to be holding a pose. Just call us the problem solvers.   

$60 with Amazon Prime shipping available

IRevive IV Hydration Drip

The holidays can be brutal and one of the best ways to bounce back and start your new year off right is with an IRevive hydration drip. Gift your favorite person an immune system boost while fighting off any lingering dehydration from the holiday party circuit with a relaxing session at IVitamin’s Austin clinic. And if you’re not sure that this particular drip is the one for them, pick up a gift card and let them choose the drip that would benefit them the most.

Actually, you really shouldn’t let them go alone. Treat yo’self too.

$189 per IRevive IV Hydration Drip (discount for members, FMI click link above)

What sorts of healthy-living items are on your holiday wish list? Any ideas we missed here? Let us know and stay tuned for more Vitamin blogs!



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