It’s the start of a new year, which means one thing is certain. Millions of people are making resolutions to get healthier. Eating better and exercising more are two of the most common resolutions, but why not take a step back with a resolution that sets the stage for better health before starting a new diet or workout routine?


A detox may be exactly what you need to get in the physical condition and mindset for a healthier year.


The Many Benefits of Detoxing


The main goal of a sound detox regimen is to help the kidneys and liver (nature’s natural detoxifiers) work more efficiently. They also aid the digestive tract, which helps filter out toxins and waste. Of course, the benefits will vary depending on the type of detox program you choose and the quality of the products.


Here are some of the benefits you can experience from doing a detox:


Weight Loss

Ridding the body of toxins may help you shed a few extra pounds. This is generally a result of clearing out the intestinal tract and forgoing unhealthy, fatty foods.


Boost Energy Levels

Some detoxes can leave a person feeling drained, but a balanced detox that provides protein and essential nutrients will often boost energy levels. When you replace sugar, refined carbs and caffeine with nutrients energy levels remain constant and you avoid disruptive spikes and crashes.


Enhanced Mood

Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods may seem to make us happy when we’re consuming them, but in actuality, they could have the opposite effect. These types of foods have been known to cause adrenal fatigue. When the adrenal glands function better it’s easier to cope with stress and maintain a positive mood.


Improved Sleep

Everyone can benefit from better sleep, which helps “detox” the brain. And if you want to drop excess weight sound sleep makes it a lot easier. Improved sleep is a residual benefit of a detox that comes from enhanced mood and steadier energy levels. You’ll also avoid foods and beverages that disrupt sleep.


Better Memory and Focus

When our bodies begin to feel more purified the mind begins to be clearer and more focused as well. Beyond that conventional wisdom, research shows a number of toxins negatively impact cognitive health, and these toxins are sometimes in food. Taking steps to rid your body of toxins can lead to better memory and focus during a detox.


Easier Digestion

Intestinal cleansing is a primary benefit of many detoxes. The detox gives your digestive tract a reprieve from toxins and helps it better absorb nutrients. Just make sure your detox includes fiber. This nutrient is essential for nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, nourishing the intestines and toxin removal.


Immune System Support

At the start of the year, your immune system is working overtime to combat the cold and flu. A detox can help the immune system function more efficiently by reducing the workload of many organs and helping the body absorb key nutrients like vitamin C.


Completely Detox and Get Refreshed for the New Year.

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