This week we’re introducing you to the people behind the amazing IV drips at IVitamin. We sat down with founder Jordan Cobb to learn more about how the business got started and the IVitamin team that makes it all possible.

How did you discover IV therapy and its benefits?

Jordan: I first heard about IV therapy when my husband went to a bachelor party and they got IVs the next day after a late night of celebrating. I was intrigued by the concept of being able to feel better quickly after a night like that. It also saved his day. Instead of being in bed all day he was back to normal.

What about Austin makes it such as a great place for your team?

Jordan: I thought Austin would be the perfect place to bring a concept where people can replenish themselves of depleted nutrients to feel their absolute best. People in Austin work hard, play hard and are always looking to feel their best to take full advantage of all life’s amazing experiences.

Austin is also a very active, health-conscious city. People who live here see the value of taking care of yourself to feel your best and live fully. People in this city are also more interested in the natural approach to healing and health, and IV therapy fits into that category.

Are there specialists at IVitamin?

Jordan: We pride ourselves on quality at IVitamin whether that be in the ingredients in our drips, the level of care you will receive when you visit us as well as the specialists who make up our team. Co-founder Jana Gavin is a pharmacist who is a specialist when it comes to formulating the drips we provide. She’s able to source the highest quality of ingredients and formulate the various drips so that each client is getting the safest and most effective combination of vitamins and nutrients.

Dr. Screven Edgerton is our medical director. He’s a board-certified physician that has been practicing medicine in Austin since 2005. Leah Hughes is our nurse practitioner who carefully examines each and every new patient. She also helps them select the best treatment for each patient based on their needs. All of our IV specialists are registered nurses and paramedics who are highly skilled at administering IVs.

How many years of experience does the team have collectively?

Jordan: Myself, Jana, Dr. Edgerton, and Leah have over 30 years collectively. All of our nurses are also experienced professionals that have collectively worked in the medical field for years.

How do the team members make a difference in regards to the outcome and experience?

Jordan: Our team members are devoted to making the client’s experience the absolute best it can be. We understand there may be some apprehension about getting an IV. Our nurses and the medical team go above and beyond to ensure safety, comfort and needs are met. We want clients to feel as comfortable as possible so we’ve invested in large over-sized massage chairs to sit in, comfy blankets, pillows, headphones and even eye masks. It’s a place where you can escape in solace and relaxation while you do something amazing for your insides.

Our IV specialists have experience working in the ER and ICU. They have stellar experience administering IVs to give you the best results and experience possible. Having a pharmacist as one of the founders also ensures we’re always up to date with any changes within the industry and providing the best care possible by creating the most favorable outcomes.

Want to meet the IVitamin team in person? Come by our downtown location or schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of IV vitamin hydration therapy.



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