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It’s that time y’all, time to check in on your NYE Resolutions, assess how you’re doing, and ultimately, regroup. We know not everyone can afford (or wants to deal with) an accountability coach so we are here to fill that void. We know, you’re thinking it wasn’t a void because the last thing you need is someone to draw attention to your long-forgotten bikini body goals as you dive into a sleeve of thin mints. Just know something: You are not alone. We all set lofty goals at the beginning of the year and while some of you superheroes manage to stick to them (can I borrow a cup of resolve and an ounce of discipline, please?) the rest of us get frustrated and usually quit altogether.


But…we want the best for you and most importantly, WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!!


Health and wellness aren’t just catch phrases at IVitamin and we want all of our clients and readers to have the best shot at their best selves.


So, in the spirit of supporting your NYE resolutions, you are going to look at how things are going and we are going to help you get back on track. Half of achieving your goals is recognizing when something doesn’t quite work and shifting gears. This is not failure as some would have you believe, but adaptation. Being able to recognize that you bit off more than you can chew is not weakness, it’s reality. And being firmly based in reality is going to make it easier for you to set goals and actually achieve them. So without further ado, let’s get started.



Choose a goal you set. What’s been the biggest hurdle you’ve faced?


  1. It’s too big, I don’t even know where to start.


  1. I haven’t mapped out the process necessary to achieve it.


  1. It’s expensive.


  1. I don’t have the energy/time.



Ok, now we are going to go through each answer individually with ideas for regrouping and getting back on track.



  1. Too big/broad/general of a resolution


This is a common issue people have. Saying something like, “I want to be healthier” or “I want to make healthier choices” is something that is difficult to measure, so how do you know you’re even achieving that goal?


Let’s try something more specific, something you can actually gauge your progress on like, “I want to only eat one sweet thing a week” or “I want to work out at least three times a week.” These are measurable both in time and amount so when you meet them every week, the success will propel you forward. It will also get easier which means you can adjust the amount to challenge yourself if you want!


Another common one is, “I want to save more money.” Instead, set something like, “I want to save $20 a week” or “I want to save 10% of my paycheck a month.” Both of these are measurable and again, as you succeed week after week at saving these seemingly small amounts, not only will they add up in your bank account, but the pride you feel at achieving these goals will embolden you as time passes. You can also take this a step further by assigning them to something. “I want to save $20 a week for a trip to New Orleans” gives you a reward for your hard work and something to look forward to!


Just think, $20 week is $1,040 a year and 10% of $50,000 is $5,000. Those are some pretty inspiring numbers!



  1. No plan in place


Ok this one is huge. You have to have a plan and the first step is actually ensuring that your goal isn’t too big to even tackle, so if it is, make sure you read the section above before moving to this step.


Now, you have a measurable goal so you need a plan. For example, “I am going to lose 5 pounds a month” is awesome but you need to know how. Are you going to work out multiple times a week? Cut sugar? Try Whole 30? What works with your lifestyle and your personality?


After you choose your measurable goal we can decide how you’re going to measure it.


For the weight loss example, consider how often will you weigh yourself and where will you log your progress. How are you going to remember to weigh yourself and where will you keep track of your weight loss? Paper notebooks, reminder apps, even alarms on your phone can all be set to remind you as well as to log your work. It’s important that your plan covers as many angles as possible so that you don’t get thrown for a loop and toss your goal out entirely. You’re not weak/silly to set an alarm to weigh yourself every week. You’re being diligent and checking in regularly, some of the most important facets of success.



  1. It’s expensive


Look, there are cheap ways to do everything. We all want the membership to the fancy new gym but if that’s not in the budget, there is no reason to stress yourself out financially just to be able to check in on Instagram. YouTube has so many free workouts that you could do a different one every day and never get bored. You can even subscribe to some fitness channels for as little as $10 a month. A simple google search for “free workouts” pops up dozens of lists of options, so save that money and get moving!


Now, if you’re like me and one of your resolutions was to learn something new and it is truly expensive (I want to learn how to make pottery), it might require more planning and patience. I decided in order to afford the expensive pottery classes in my neighborhood I would save for three months and then take a series. This way I get four series of classes over the span of the year, saving my budget but meeting my goal. No one said you have to do these things in the first few weeks, and having a plan with scheduled payoffs is a great way to feel accomplished!



  1. No energy or time


This one is rough because feeling like this can be due to so many factors. You could be a single mom juggling kids and work or you could be fully supported and just struggling to get going. Whoever you are, remember that these things require you to put the work in. Sometimes the absolute last thing we want to do after a long day is hop on the peloton, no matter what their weird commercials show us. But that effort you put in will come back to you. When I started my masters degree my faculty supervisor told me “you’ll get what you put into this degree. Do the bare minimum, get the least results” and I strongly believe thats how most things work, especially things we really want.


The bottom line is, you have to put in the work. Plan out your attack, keep track of your success, collect little “wins” along the way, and when you falter, GET UP. Don’t scrap your savings goals because you skipped a month to buy a Rebecca Taylor suit. Don’t toss your weight loss goals because you had Whataburger at midnight….four days in a row. It’s ok, we all mess up, just remember that no one turns around when they hit a bump in the road or they’d never get to where they’re going. So allow yourself the grace to mess up but also be diligent enough to get back on track.


Those mistakes won’t outshine your accomplishments if you keep putting the work in.


We promise.


So what else is holding you back from reaching your goals? Do you feel like you have a better grasp on what you need to do to be successful? We sure hope so!


And don’t worry, we will check back in a few months to see how you’re doing. NYE resolutions are a marathon, not a sprint, and we are in this with y’all for the long haul.



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