This month marks an annual milestone for basketball fans. Millions of fans around the world are in the grips of March Madness!

The NCAA Division 1 college basketball championship tournament lasts most of March, which means right now many fans are having to power through the day after weeks of festivities and entertainment. Once it gets down to the Sweet Sixteen fans simply have to watch how things play out.

Dedication to the sport, UT, your another alma mater or a favorite team can cause a lot of burnout during March Madness. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with solutions that will help you stay at the top of your game all the way to the end of March Madness.

Pulling All-Nighters Watching the Games

The tournament includes 68 teams and seven rounds of non-stop action. The tournament is single-elimination and there are 40 minutes of clocked playtime per game.

However, an average college basketball game lasts over two hours due to fouls and timeouts. That means March Madness has 136 hours of game coverage alone. Adding interviews, analysis and news reports can easily multiply the amount of airtime given to the tournament.

Modern day technology has made it even easier to binge watch hours upon hours of March Madness action. Most cable and satellite TV providers now offer live streaming through mobile devices so you never have to miss a minute no matter where you are.

It’s no wonder employees spend upward of six hours watching the tournament at work. It breaks down to about 25.5 minutes a day. Diehard fans want to know the scores and latest standings right when it happens even if that means tuning in at the office.

Trying to keep up with everything that’s happening can feel like a full-time job. When you’re fatigued from watching hours of basketball late into the night it’s important to stay hydrated and get back to your normal sleep schedule ASAP.

IVitamin can provide an assist with the IRejuvenate fatigue and jet lag drip. You’ll get an instant boost of hydration and nutrients that keep you alert throughout the long tournament days.

Giving in at March Madness Parties

Parties are a part of the March Madness package. If you live in a college town like Austin there are guaranteed to be themed parties at sports bars, offices, and homes throughout the city.

A few weeks of parties can quickly throw anyone off their game. While you’re distracted watching the coverage and catching up with friends it’s easy to down a number of drinks without realizing it. Of course, the game day snacks and party food aren’t any healthier.

Sometimes self-control doesn’t fit the game plan for March Madness. You can keep on celebrating without missing any of the action with the help of an IRecover hangover drip. It will get your rehydrated and fueled up for another round of the playoffs in an hour or less.

We can even bring the IV cocktail party to you with our new Hydration to Go mobile service.

Pushing Yourself Hard on the Court

Watching our favorite sports on TV has a way of affecting our own game. There’s actually research that shows five days after televised NASCAR races there’s an increase in traffic accidents related to aggressive driving. It strongly suggests that viewers can be psychologically affected by sports well after a live event.

For basketball fans, that could mean hitting the court harder than normal. You’re all revved up after watching the competition and inspired by the phenomenal athleticism of the players. But going all out can leave well-conditioned college athletes with injuries like muscle strains, sprains, and torn ligaments. For the average player, over-exertion and injury are just as likely.

It’s important for all athletes to maintain their fitness level in order to prevent injuries. Proper hydration is also needed for peak performance before and after playing. And don’t skip the warm-up and stretching session before the game.

The IRegenerate athletic performance drip is designed to help athletes recover after hard training. The drip fights dehydration while also restoring electrolyte balance and supplying vital nutrients that aid in muscle recovery.


Stay hydrated, rest up and enjoy the remainder of March Madness!



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